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The Domus Molecular Testing Platform

This is no ordinary RT lamp, but a one-step, one-temperature reaction highly optimized for performance in simple, inexpensive, electricity-free laminate device.

  • Highly sensitive nucleic acid testing

  • Incredibly flexible platform

  • Test a single sample for up to 10 targets


The Innovations

Ultra Simple
  • As easy to use as a rapid antigen test

  • 30 minute TAT

  • OEM Nasal swab (Rhinostics)

  • Differentiates between 4 respiratory viruses

  • Up to 10 results from one sample if necessary

Electricity Free
  • No batteries or electricity required

  • Chemical heat regulator

  • Single use, self-contained disposable

  • for use in western and developing countries

Laminate Design
  • Low-cost materials

  • No valves, moving parts

  • Enables ease-of-use

  • Enables ultra-low-cost

Truly Accessible Testing Platform
  • ​4-plex for $4 COGS ($2 for single-plex) at scale

  • Affordable, scalable, globally accessible manufacturing anywhere for ~$10m

  • High-Throughput, low-cost roll-to-roll template (2 million per month at scale)

  • Medical Countermeasures — fast turnaround for new / emerging targets

Nucleic Acid Test Performance

“Unified One-Pot” RT-LAMP technology enables all-in-one:

        a) sample processing

        b) amplification 

        c) readout

  • One-step, one temperature chemistry

  • Targeting <1500 copies/ml LOD

Competitive Space

Domus wins in the market on performance, simplicity, and price.
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