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The Domus Molecular Testing Platforms

This is no ordinary antigen or RT lamp test, but a one-step, one-temperature reaction highly optimized for top performance in simple and inexpensive devices everywhere you get testing done.

  • Highly sensitive nucleic acid testing

  • Incredibly flexible platform

  • Test a single sample for up to 10 targets

Competitive Space

Domus wins in the market on performance, simplicity, and price.

The Domus At Home Test

  • RADx Tech III funded

  • Platform technology proof-of concept (clinical trial Q4-2024)

  • No electricity, TAT of ~20mins, under $3 for a 4-plex at scale

At Home

The Domus Test for Clinics

  • Prototype-stage

  • Co-development opportunity

  • Low-cost, no-service instrument

  • Under 10mins TAT (workflow, billing relevant)


The Domus Central Laboratories Test

  • Concept-stage partnering project

  • Lab-developed one-step tests (LDT) with under 10mins TAT (potential for under 5mins)

  • Dedicated assays for established analyzer platforms

96-well-pcr plate.png
Central Laboratories
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