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What if we lived in a world where everyone had access to the health care they need to thrive?

A world where governments and public health organizations around the world have the tools they need to address large-scale infectious disease scenarios head-on?

Domus Diagnostics is developing tests for infectious diseases to be affordable, user-friendly, rapid, and accurate enough to address the needs raised by current and future public health crises.

Domus was created to solve a challenge

National and international experts in infectious diseases have been calling for the development of a molecular testing platform that could be deployed affordably anywhere in the world.


That testing solution would need to include a platform that performs as accurately as a laboratory test, while operating in environments where: 

  • No cold-chain storage is available

  • No power is available

  • Shipment from traditional manufacturing hubs is prohibitively expensive

  • Users are not all literate


Forming The Team

Domus Diagnostics was formed to reimage remote and at-home testing, to create a world where everyone has access to the healthcare they need and where governments and public health organizations globally have the tools to address large-scale infectious diseases head-on.


Originally spun out of Duke University in early 2021 by Professor John Reif (Non-Executive Director), Dr. Harald Casebourne Stock (Executive Chair, Board of Directors), and Dr. Xin Song (Chief Scientific Officer - designate), the company is now co-located in Utah and Massachusetts, with a product testing lab at the Research Triangle Park in North Carolina.


The Domus founders have assembled a world class team. Together they have invented and refined the cutting-edge technology required to meet industry performance requirements at a fraction of the cost.

Our First Product

Rapid, accurate, low-cost, ultra-simple nucleic acid testing technology that can be packaged for the home, point of care, and central laboratory environments.

Domus Diagnostics is creating the first testing platform to combine:

  • chemical heat

  • unique, highly accurate, cost-effective lyophilization chemistry

  • simple, affordable, and widely accessible manufacturing technology

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