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What if we lived in a world where everyone had access to the health care they need to thrive?

A world where governments and public health organizations around the world have the tools they need to address large-scale infectious disease scenarios head-on?

Domus Diagnostics is developing tests for infectious diseases to be affordable, user-friendly, accurate, and rapid enough to address the needs raised by current and future public health crises.

The Problem

For thirty years, national and international experts in infectious diseases have been calling for the development of a molecular testing platform that could be deployed anywhere in the world for under $5.


In order to achieve that, the testing platform needs to perform as accurately as a laboratory test, while operating in environments where: 

  • No cold-chain storage is available

  • No power is available

  • Shipment from traditional manufacturing hubs is prohibitively expensive

  • Users are not all literate


The Solution

A simple, affordable, accurate, and rapid at-home nucleic acid test

Domus Diagnostics is creating the first testing platform to combine:

  • chemical heat

  • unique, highly accurate, cost-effective lyophilization chemistry

  • simple, affordable, and widely accessible manufacturing technology

The Company

Domus Diagnostics is reimagining remote and at-home testing, creating a world where everyone has access to the healthcare they need and where governments and public health organizations globally have the tools to address large-scale infectious diseases head-on. Originally spun out of Duke University in early 2021 by Professor John Reif (Non-Executive Director), Dr. Harald Casebourne Stock (Executive Chair, Board of Directors), and Dr. Xin Song (Chief Scientific Officer - designate), the company is now co-located in Utah and Massachusetts, with a product testing lab at the Research Triangle Park in North Carolina.

Domus Diagnostics is powered by a world class team, 

who have invented the cutting-edge technology required to meet these performance requirements at a fraction of the cost.

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